The Apex Core

We guarantee the highest quality, efficiency and delivery.

In a demanding engineering environment, quality, service and cost are key factors when selecting a supplier.

Our experienced, fully trained and qualified Core Team of professionals provide first class service, to reduce the risk and increase reward whatever your needs. The Core Team create a central hub for heating, ventilation, electrical, communication and metering services, scaleable for any property.

Available in a full cupboard or simple panel format Core arrives on site fully tested and ready-to-install.

Why choose Apex Core?

Time saving

Reduce traditional build times by 50%

Optimised pipework

Hydraulically pipe bending removes the need for fittings, greatly reducing the risk of leaks


All containment and pipework with the PUC is manufactured in our designated offline assembly area 2 – 3 weeks prior to the manufacture

Optimised inventory management

All units are manufactured and then loaded, on a JIT basis, to their own specific manufacturing bay for completion

Production planning

Pre-assembling PUC components allows for an easier build

A quality operation

To ensure all Apex Core units adhere to the highest of quality standards, all PUCs are subject to constant and thorough checks against our stringent Quality Assurance standards.

Our QA process demonstrates which operative has worked on each specific aspect of manufacturing, including dates and times.

This document also ensures all components within the PUC are thoroughly checked by an Apex Core Team Leader prior to sign off.

A greener solution

Apex Core is determined to drive down waste and energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

As such, completed PUCs are fully wrapped in biodegradable material for delivery to site.

Speed, suitability, reliability and easy-install

The Apex Core has created a four-stage manufacturing process to develop the PUC that’s perfect for your project. Specialists in utility cupboard engineering have refined the streamlined process to ensure the highest quality of product delivered to site to suit your deadlines.

A four stage manufacturing process

Stage 1.

Panel Build

Fire-rated melamine panels available in the colour of your choice are used for frames. CNC machines are used to cut all required holes, for flush mounted electrical accessories. The machine also marks out exactly where each fixing hole for pipework clips are required, increasing build efficiency. All pre-assemblies (pipework/containment) and brackets are installed onto panels.

Stage 2.

Panel into frame installation

All Apex Core frames are welded and powder-coated in-house and clearly identified and referenced with specific PUC apartment number before full inspection against QA document. Panels have horizontal steels positioned with threaded rod welded at specific points so that large plant can be easily hung at the next stage of manufacturing and all fixing holes are pre-drilled, increasing efficiency.

Panels are glued and screwed to the frame and moved along production into Stage 3.

Stage 3.

Mechanical and electrical installation

All plant is mounted to the Apex Core PUC and pipework and containment pre-assemblies fixed. Wiring is completed utilising Apex Wiring Solutions pre-cut cables and adjustable cupboard feet added to ensure on-site levelling can be quickly achieved.

Stage 4.

Testing and insulation

All pipework is tested at factory standard 0.5 bar. All wiring is subject to strict electrical continuity test. Pipework is insulated in accordance with the insulation spec and further QA checks completed once the until moves to the logistics area to be wrapped for delivery.