The Apex Core

We guarantee the highest quality, efficiency and delivery.

Founded in Durham, England, in 1980, the Apex Group of businesses has forged a global reputation for the supply of cable, cable assemblies and accessories for high and low-level power distribution systems.

Artech Lighting delivers sophisticated design, manufacturing excellence and rapid assembly to provide an outstanding architectural and technical lighting product range. And our latest business is Apex Core – the UK’s largest utility cupboard manufacturing plant…

Meet the team

The Apex Core senior management team is made up of masters of the utility cupboard industry, with over 50 years of combined experience from design to delivery.

James Moore

James Moore

Production Manager

James has worked in the mechanical and engineering sector for over 10 years, four of which he served as an apprenticeship in heating and ventilation engineering.

In six years working at M&E Offsite, he fulfilled the role of production engineer at SES Engineering Services offsite facility “Prism”.

James played a key role in developing and implementing PUC cupboard innovation, acting as lead engineer on delivery of over 20,000 utility cupboards to projects such as Gas Holder Triplets at New Kings Cross and the new Macallan Distillery in Scotland.

He brings a wealth of experience in offsite M&E manufacturing, providing the perfect balance of technical knowledge and customer relation skills.

James’ drive and desire to push PUC innovation and implement new technology and design ensures Apex Core remains ahead of the curve in the industry.
A two-time award-winning B&ES Association Yorkshire Pipefitter of the Year, James had two trials at his beloved Leeds United.

Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper

Production Supervisor

Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the heating and ventilation industry, owning his own business as a heating engineer for 20 years.

Paul joined SES Engineering Services manufacturing arm ‘Prism’ initially as a team leader, rapidly progressing to supervisor, playing a major role alongside James designing and developing PUCs.

He oversaw production of over 20,000 units, delivering projects across the country, notably gas holder triplets and P1 projects at London’s New Kings Cross development.

Paul helped develop new manufacturing methods, evolving PUC build to a slick, efficient process.  Paul brings mechanical knowledge, passion and commitment to the Apex Core.

Kaspars Netlis

Kaspars Netlis

Production Manager

Kaspars is an electrical technician and engineer with over 10-years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, taking in domestic, industrial and modular wiring systems.

Having completed his qualifications, Kaspars began his professional life as an electronics technician, studying electrical and power engineering at university.

More recently, he worked for Prism offsite manufacturing, honing his knowledge of offsite manufacturing and utility cupboard design, development, manufacture and delivery.

Kaspars can speak four languages has an insatiable read articles, especially related to technology and innovation.