Apex Core Utility Cupboard

At the heart of your home

APEX is proud to unveil the largest UK manufacturing facility for Prefabricated Utility Cupboards.

A one of its kind facility, producing fully-assembled and tested cupboards housing the core functions required to keep a home running. Apex Core is a comprehensive pre-built solution for homes of any shape and size.

Providing the heartbeat to your home, Core is the central hub for heating, ventilation, electrical, communication and metering services scaleable for any property. Available in a full cupboard or simple panel format Core arrives on site fully tested and ready-to-install.

The largest dedicated PUC manufacturing facility in the UK

Work was completed on the new Apex Core production facility on the outskirts of Durham City in October 2019.

At 40,000sqft, it is the largest facility in the UK dedicated to the manufacture of prefabricated cupboards.

The only factory with automated pipe bending

An investment of over £500,000 to create a fully equipped robotic production line for frame manufacture and CNC pipe fabrication.

It is the only facility in the UK with automated computer controlled pipe bending, eliminating up to 80% of jointing in a typical cupboard.

The only PUC factory with automated cable processing

Fully automated cable processing machines enabling the highest quality lowest cost electrical installation.

Meet the Core team

The Apex Core senior management team is made up of masters of the utility cupboard industry, with over 50 years of combined experience from design to delivery.

A different approach

All Apex businesses have been created to manufacture first-class, high-volume systems, and Apex Core is no different.

Our process driven approach separates us from the existing supply chain. Process, automation, MRP system controls drives our business and will be applied from the outset – coupled with our drive to innovate this is what sets the Apex Core apart.

We will set a new benchmark for quality, capacity and service in this sector and be in a unique position to deliver a highly competitive product range. It is our intention that our price point will be market leading for the highest specification product.


The Apex Core has been designed to incorporate existing technology and next-gen equipment, that ensures it is fit for the future.


Manufacturing started in November 2019, with initial orders of 850 Core units and has grown from there.

Every Apex Core unit is designed, manufactured and delivered from our Durham headquarters… proudly, Made in Britain.

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